CTTS Lesson 1

Perfect Praise Music

Come to the Sea

for Preschool Children

A Piano-based Musical Program

Lesson 1

Mr. Michael Riggs and Mrs. Denie Riggs, your Teachers, welcome you to Come to the Sea.  


We are going to have so much fun! Let's meet MaryAnn who will help us sing the Hello Song!

Once a month we celebrate everyone who has a birthday that month. If it's your birthday month, this chant is for YOU! Meet Mr. Bass and Ms. Treble of Perfect Praise Music. 

As part of our monthly birthday celebration, let's join Mr. Bass and Ms. Treble as they sing our My Months song. 

The most important thing you can do today is worship God. Let's learn more with Mr. Michael for our Reasons to Worship segment, who shares that even the waves of the ocean worship God.


Now, let's join Mr. Bass and Ms. Treble as they sing, Give Your Praise to God, singing about what Mr. Michael has taught us today. 

Sing in the Sunshine segments each lesson feature some of Early Childhood Music's favorite songs to sing along with.

Singing is so good for you. It makes you feel good and even boosts your immune system.

So let's Sing in the Sunshine (or in the rain!) 

The best place to start singing this lesson is with our theme song, Come to the Sea. Get some egg shakers and join Mr. Michael.

When you take piano lessons, the first thing you must know is which hand/foot is your right. Let's start with some Looby Loo fun with Mr. Michael. Get your right hand ready!

Before we do our next song, Mr. Michael explains (with his feet) the difference between marching on a line or in a space. 

Now let's sing The Marching Song with our feet in a space.  

Our next song makes you feel good and helps you feel the beat. So get up and stomp your feet with The Horse with Mrs. Denie

As we begin this new Come to the Sea session, it's important that you know how to "tap your name." Mr. Michael will tell you more. 

This lesson, we are going to use the triangle. Mr. Bass explains what it is and how to hold it. 

Now, Mrs. Denie will guide us into Play and Stop with the triangles in this We've Got Rhythm segment of Come to the Sea. If you don't have a triangle, just use your rhythm sticks, or two pencils. You can make music on anything! 

Two of your favorite Perfect Praise Puppet Pals, Bob and Ozzie will conduct School of Fish each lesson. Let's see what they are teaching us today.

In our music lesson, we are going to start out by drawing whole notes with Mr. Michael. 

Now, let's learn about drawing HIGH and LOW whole notes. 

Now, let's draw those whole notes in a space. Mr. Michael will show us how. 

Before we move on, we need to draw one more thing, a quarter rest. Mr. Michael will teach us more. 

In the next few videos, Mrs. Denie will guide us into getting ready to play the piano. 

First thing is to locate Mama Do, Papa Do and Baby Do. (You might want to have a sticker ready to mark Mama Do.) Mrs. Denie will tell you more.


Knowing when and how to play and when and how to stop are equally important when playing the piano. Mrs. Denie will explain. 

Which way is UP on the piano? Let's join Mrs. Denie for that answer. 

Ready, Set, GO! Let's learn to slide up and down on Command! 

Now, get a "friend" ... let's ride The Train, our new song for this lesson. 

Music sound waves look like the waves of the ocean.

Dolphin's can hear 7 times better than people. So Ride the Waves Like Daisy the Dolphin segments will be about training our ears to hear ... and to become more musical. It's called Ear Training.

Ear Training is achieved by singing so it's important to not just listen, but to copy back singing what you hear! 

Pedro and Suzie, our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals will introduce you to Follow Me, a fun game of Ear Training. Remember to sing back along with Pedro and Suzie. Soon you will be hearing like Daisy the Dolphin!

God is such a creator! He made amazing sea creatures for us to enjoy and to learn about.

Every lesson of Come to the SeaMaryAnn shares about amazing sea creatures. Today she is going to share general information about fish in our Incredible Sea Creatures segment. 


Everyone loves a good joke. Here's Bob with his Fishy Joke!


Here is your HomePlay Assignment for this lesson. All worksheets and references to songs, are from their Student Book. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for download information. 

  1. Page 2- A Partner Page
  2. Page 4- All About Me!
  3. Worksheet- Student Book, Page 34
  4. Whiteboard- Draw high/low notes
  5. Whiteboard- Draw space notes

You may upload your HomePlay to your teacher via the Upload Portal on our PerfectPraiseMusic website. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for more information and links.