Our Team Members



Michael Riggs


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Michael Riggs

Michael Riggs serves the ministry as the President of Perfect Praise, Inc.  Michael is an ordained minister and loves to share about Jesus.

Michael’s number one instrument is the guitar, which he began playing as a teenager. He loves to share how music works on the neck of a guitar, inspiring his students to the greater heights of worshiping our Creator. Michael is also known as “Mr. Michael” to the younger set of our students; they thrill at his antics and fun teaching styles. Michael’s duties also include oversight of the growing Perfect Praise, TV ministry.

In addition to teaching and supporting the day-to-day needs of the business, Michael’s passion is to see the expansion of the Tabernacle of David accomplished throughout the world, through the praises of the children. His loves to travel nationally and internationally to train and expand the ministry.

Michael loves being Dad to their five children and PawPaw to their ten grandchildren.
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Founding Director/ Administrator

Denie Riggs


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Mrs. Denie Riggs

Denie Riggs is the Founding Director and Administrator of Early Childhood Music. She also serves as the Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer of Perfect Praise, Inc.  Denie leads us with over 50 years of piano teaching expertise that works as the inspiration and direction for our Perfect Praise Music programs.

She has authored many cutting edge, original music curriculums including: Early Childhood Music ~ Give Them the Best Start,  Piano Improvisation, and 50+ Piano.  She wrote the book Music Helps Autism based on a case study she conducted that has brought about incredible life changes to 20 students with autism.   She primarily teaches Bounce ‘N Baby and heads our Piano Division, working with students from age 4.5-year-olds to seniors.

Mrs. Denie’s passion is to share the gift of music with those with special learning needs, having worked with students with autism, dyslexia, blindness, and severe dementia that require a non-traditional approach.

Denie and her husband, Michael live in Huntsville, AL.  She is Mom to their five children and GrandMom to their ten grandchildren.
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Kathryn Johnson









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Mrs. Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn joined the Perfect Praise team in July 2016.  She serves as aid in the Piano Lab and assists with various classes.  You will also see her smiling face in our lobby as afternoon receptionist.

Kathryn is passionate about sharing the joy of music with people of all ages.  She loves music for the incredible things is does for people (emotionally, psychologically, physically, spiritually and socially).  She enjoys spreading those benefits to as any people as possible.

Kathryn and her husband Justin are from Murfreesboro TN.
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Angie McAlpin

angie mcalpin








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Ms. Angie McAlpin

Angie first began with Perfect Praise, Inc. as a 50+ student and is currently studying piano in the Piano Lab.

She first volunteered to work some of our ECM events and we was hired as part-time receptionist in May 2016.

Her passions are music and family.   Angie has 3 children  and 2  grandchildren.
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Student Accounts

Koleta Mitchell








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Mrs. Koleta Mitchell

Koleta joined the team in 2014 and works part time remotely as Student Accounts Secretary.

Koleta is married to Pat Mitchell and is Mom to three of Michael and Denie’s grandchildren, Kaitlyn, Lauren and Andrew.

Koleta is passionate about family and stays busy watching her children excel in their busy activities.

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Head Intercessor

Connie Oakley








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Mrs. Connie Oakley

Connie joined our team in 2012 and serves as the head of our Intercessory Team, where the needs of our corporation and students are prayed over under her careful guidance.   She also serves as substitute teacher for Michael with guitar and Denie’s private and lab students.

Connie is married to Curtis Oakley and has 4 children and 4 grandchildren.  Her passion is to see what God does in answer to prayer.  Her newest hobby is going on mission trips.
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Teacher/ Video Editor

Molly Bentzel









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Ms. Molly Bentzel

Molly Bentzel worked with PPI for 5 years and then left us to study nursing at Wallace State.  Happily, Molly returned the summer of 2016, part time teaching our special needs students, teaching piano and creatively in our Video Editing department.

Her passion is music and helping others pursue their musical dream.  She feels that music is the best gift that God has given to her and wants to pursue it to the fullest potential.

Molly is originally from Seattle Wa, and moved to Huntsville AL in 2008.

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Teaching Aid

Benjamin Lightfoot







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Benjamin Lightfoot
Benjamin is a graduate of the Kids ‘n Keys department and is a fantastic pianist. Benjamin began working for PPI in the fall of 2015 as an aid for our events, serves in the school as his busy schedule permits.

Benjamin is homeschooled and is passionate about music, practicing the piano hours every day!
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Video Editor








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Josiah John
Josiah joined our team in August 2016 as part time video editor.  Welcome Josiah!
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