3 Demonstrations of the TOD

Thousands of years ago God promised that He would raise up again the “tabernacle of David”. It had “fallen down” and had to be restored. God promised to do this in Amos 9:11… this promise was repeated in Acts 15:16.

The Tabernacle of David has been, and is being restored. I like what Chuck Pierce says… “God restores the Tabernacle of David to every generation. In Revelation, especially the first 5 chapters, God has, and is restoring the Tabernacle of David, as He promised to do.

In this article I want to address 3 manifestations of the Tabernacle of David (TOD)—a better way to say it is, 3 demonstrations of the TOD. First, there are the literal physical houses of worship that are maintained 24 seven. We have this as an example in Kansas City Missouri at IHOP, with Succoth Hallel in Jerusalem, and many other places globally. This is a literal reproduction of what David established in Jerusalem during his 33 year reign. I think this is good. I’m glad some are called to do this in the body of Christ and in different regions. I think this is definitely something that touches the heart of God, because it did with David. 1 Chronicles gives us a fairly detailed account of David’s tabernacle of praise that he erected for the Ark of the Covenant—the main element is that there were 4000 Levites that kept their shift of praise and worship music going 24/7 around the Ark in the tent (tabernacle). What a great way to demonstrate the tabernacle of David in any region that has someone with a heart to do so and of people to carry out that vision.

The second demonstration of the Tabernacle of David that I see that I think is so important is what I’ll call the global affect. This concept is really quite simple – when we are awake in the daytime and praise the Lord with our being He receives praise. Then we go to sleep the other side of the world wakes up and praises Him and He receives praise. From the rising of the sun to the going down the same the name of the Lord is praised, on both sides of the world, and  from His perspective He’s receiving 24/7 worship. It is the effect of the gospel penetrating all the nations of the earth and people learning to walk in the Spirit and be filled with the Holy Spirit so that their life resonates praise to God. In this way God receives his global 24/7 house of worship.

The 3rd way, the most exciting way, that God is restoring the Tabernacle of David is what I would call the Psalm 150 effect. This is the way Jesus praised… the way He lived His life. This is what Acts 15:!6 means when it tells us that Jesus and the church He started after His resurrection was the fulfillment of Amos 9:11 and God’s promise to restore the Tabernacle of David. This is also how you and I can play the most active role in the restoration of the TOD in our region, city, workplace, neighborhood and home. Psalm 150 verse 6 says “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” A study of the Hebrew text reveals that the verse literally says let every breath praise, using the word from which we get hallelujah. In other words it is God’s intent that every breath be an act of praise and worship—literally a hallelujah. Jesus lived his life this way—every breath He breathed, every heartbeat was an act of worship. As you and I allow Holy Spirit to work in us and conform us more more to the image of Jesus we become more and more every breath an act of worship. And we become, like Jesus, a living tabernacle of praise. 24/7, even while were sleeping through our subconscious, every breath – every heartbeat—an act of praise and worship to the Father. This requires a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, but one he is ready and waiting to do in each of us…

~Michael David Riggs

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